A film by Allen Moore and Kori Feener

Bea A Project of Filmmakers Collaborative

About this film:

Produced by Allen Moore and Kori Feener

Bea is a coming of age tale about a young girl with a condition so rare that there is no one else in the world that has it. Early on, Bea Rienhoff was diagnosed with an "orphan disease", defined as rare, often with unknown causes and affecting a small percentage of the population. Throughout her childhood, her father Hugh has devoted his time to discovering what her specific genetic alteration was, being labeled a biological outlaw for his unprecedented approach to finding answers. As Bea starts to get older, more and more questions arise about what physical and emotional challenges she will face as she nears adulthood. The film will chronicle Bea and Hugh's story and the emotional journey of their family as they struggle to solve Bea's mystery unfolds.

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