Stories from the Spectrum

A multi-platform media project by Kathryn Dietz

Stories from the Spectrum A Project of Filmmakers Collaborative Current Projects

About this film:

Creator and Executive Producer: Kathryn Dietz

STORIES FROM THE SPECTRUM is a new multi-platform media project that explores the subject of autism in America, and how our society must prepare to address the needs of an increasingly neurodiverse population. It is the first media project ever to catalyze a pointed discussion about the social impact, personal realities, and institutional challenges and opportunities coming as the huge wave of autistic children reach their teens and adulthood.

The centerpiece of the project is a series of 45 short films about teens and adults, made by some of the best documentary filmmakers in America. The films will testify to the tremendous breadth and variety of life on the spectrum, and will give voice to people who often have none, cutting through the polarizing arguments that have characterized discussions about autism for nearly 75 years.

The project also has a social impact mission: to show how families are currently navigating the changing needs of their children as they enter adulthood, and to suggest a spectrum of solutions to challenges around housing, education, employment and life skill training as young people age out of government-sponsored services.