One Shot

A film by Christian Chapra

One Shot A Project of Filmmakers Collaborative

About this film:

PRODUCER: Christian Chapra

"One Shot" is a production brought to you by W&C Pictures. Based in Greater Boston, W&C Pictures draws upon a huge range of talent from the entire Commonwealth of Massachusetts, from cast to crew to post-production. Our fictional story highlights a very real, and terrifying disease: cancer.

"One Shot" is the story of Detective Jean Davidson, a serious and dedicated member of the metropolitan Trimountaine police department. Early in her career, she suffered the tragedy of her husband and young son murdered during a botched home invasion. Overwhelmed with grief, she was approached by the head of the Amarok crime family. Powerful, yet untouchable, Mr. Amarok expressed his sympathies, and suggested maybe the apprehended home invaders might never see trial. As the trial was merely a formality, and simple incarceration was not enough, Jean agreed, entering into a low-key relationship with this criminal family. Jean's star continued to rise, becoming the most decorated, and revered officer in the department. Our story begins 15 years later with a drug bust that turned fatal. Jean was shot in the shoulder. The assailant was not so lucky, as Jean killed him with a single bullet to the head. At the hospital, she mentions to her physician that she experienced some abdominal pain for the first time. The doctor comes back, but the expected case of high blood pressure, or stress, or hard living assumed the much more sinister diagnosis of cancer. Ovarian cancer. They found it too late. She has perhaps 30 days to live. Rocked by this news, she vows to not tell anyone, and live out her last days on her own terms. Jean begins a journey filled with hope, and terrifying revelations which make her question her entire life, and career. Will she die filled with regret? Or will she choose to fight for her dignity, and justice?

We are looking to raise $50,000. We want to shoot in the spring of 2017.

In the above poster, you can see photos of three of the cast.

All of the cast, and crew come from Massachusetts. They include Evan Schneider, our Director of Photography, and Kasey Meyers, our Producer and head of Wardrobe.

This film is a production of W & C Pictures, which is committed to narrative, and documentary filmmaking that shows characters and people in life-affirming, surreal, and desperate situations. W & C Pictures is committed to telling stories about strong women. We are also committed to telling stories about men and women of certain age groups that are usually ignored by mainstream filmmakers.

All contributions will receive email updates regarding production, premieres, and festival dates.

Rewards begin at

the $5 mark, with a shoutout on Facebook.
$10 - A Shoutout on Facebook and Twitter.
$25 - Above rewards + Listed as a contributor on end credits.
$50 - Above Rewards + Bumper Sticker with film's logo, and message: "I helped make the movie 'One Shot'."
$75 - Above Rewards + Bullet shaped Keychain, with "One Shot" engraving.
$125 - Above Rewards + Personalized autographed photo of 1 cast member.
$250 - Above Rewards + Personalized signed copy of the screenplay.
$500 - Above Rewards + Listed as an Associate Producer on the credits.
$750+ (5) - Above Rewards minus Associate Producer credit. Instead, Executive Producer credit, and invitation to online preview, with opportunity to give feedback. There are only 4 more of these, with one already claimed.

Every contribution is greatly appreciated! We are extremely excited about this project, and cannot wait to get started! Any questions regarding the fundraising process should be addressed to

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