Algorithmic Justice League: Unmasking Bias

a project by Joy Buolamwini

Algorithmic Justice League A Project of Filmmakers Collaborative

About this project:

PRODUCER: Joy Buolamwini

An unseen force is rising - helping to determine who is hired, granted a loan, or even how long someone spends in prison. This force is called the coded gaze.

However, many people are unaware of the growing impact of the coded gaze and the rising need for fairness, accountability, and transparency in coded systems. Without knowing discriminatory practices are at play, citizens are unable to affirm their rights or identify violations.

The Algorithmic Justice League is a collective that aims to:

  • Highlight Bias Through Media, Art, and Science
  • Provide Space For People to Voice Concerns and Experiences with Coded Bias
  • Develop Practices For Accountability During the Design, Development, and Deployment of Coded Systems

Web Site: Algorithmic Justice League


Joy Buolamwini is a poet of code on a mission to show compassion through computation. As a graduate researcher at the MIT Media Lab, Joy leads the Algorithmic Justice League to fight coded bias. Her research explores the intersection of social impact technology and inclusion. In support of this work, Joy was awarded a $50,000 grant as the Grand Prize winner of a national contest inspired by the critically acclaimed film "Hidden Figures" based on the book by Margot Lee Shetterly.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Joy's global interest in creating technology for social impact spans multiple industries and countries. As the inaugural Chief Technology Officer for Techturized Inc, a hair care technology company, and Swift Tech Solutions, a global health tech consultancy, she led software development for underserved communities in the United States, Ethiopia, Mali, Nigeria, and Niger. In Zambia, she explored empowering citizens with skills to create their own technology through the Zamrize Project. In the United Kingdom, Joy piloted a Service Year Initiative to launch Code4Rights which supports youth in creating meaningful technology for their communities in partnership with local organizations.

Through Filmmakers Collaborative, Joy produces media that highlight diverse creators of technology. Her short documentary The Coded Gaze: Unmasking Algorithmic Bias debuted at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston and her pilot of the Code4Rights: Journey To Code training series debuted at the Vatican. She has presented keynote speeches and public talks at various forums including #CSforAll at the White House, Harvard University, Saïd Business School, Rutgers University, NCWIT, Grace Hopper Celebration and SXSWedu.

Joy is a Rhodes Scholar, Fulbright Fellow, Google Anita Borg Scholar, Astronaut Scholar, A Stamps President's Scholar and Carter Center technical consultant recognized as a distinguished volunteer. She holds a master's degree in Learning and Technology from Oxford University and a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Joy serves as a Harvard resident tutor at Adams House where she mentors students seeking scholarships or pursuing entrepreneurship.

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  • Lawrence R.
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    As a person of color who is African -American, I am concerned that bias in AI application design will reinforce systemic racism.
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  • Malik D.
    Very important initiative, thank you!
  • Johnny C.
    machine learning based agents will increasingly cease to be seen as high-tech magic, and simply blend into our lives, with profound effect.
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    Excellent initiative
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