Tightly Wound

A film by Shelby Hadden

Tightly Wound A Project of Filmmakers Collaborative

About this film:

PRODUCER: Shelby Hadden

A woman recounts her experience living with chronic pelvic pain – how health professionals have failed her, men have rejected her, and shame, anger, and hatred have plagued her body.

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  • Teresa H.
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    I have been a pelvic floor therapist for 20 years and am thrilled about the possibilities that more public awareness might bring.
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    I Gave $50
  • Jennifer C.
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  • Aniekan U.
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    To support this incredibly important film!
  • Sandy G.
    As a pelvic floor physical therapist, I appreciate that this film can help raise awareness about pelvic pain and resources available to help patients.
  • Erica S.
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  • Devender  S.
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