Rhythm and Glue

An Emily Coren Production

Rhythm and Glue A Project of Filmmakers Collaborative

About this film:

Rhythm and Glue is a thirty minute comedy-drama television series that helps viewers become active participants in climate change mitigation.

In Rhythm and Glue childhood friends, Sarah and Jessica, live together in an apartment in Los Angeles. Jessica, a young medical assistant who likes to creatively craft things from recycled materials, gets incredibly frustrated with traffic in Los Angeles. In addition to traffic, Jessica has to navigate a complex array of environmental social justice issues with her work colleagues Stephanie and Liz. Jessica keeps finding mismatched romantic partners. Will she find someone who likes creating things as much as she does? Sarah, a computer programmer who finds solace through music, keeps having technology inexplicably break on her. Sarah's boyfriend, Juan, is perpetually overworked. Will they figure out how manage to spend time together? At home in their apartment complex, trouble ensues as they party too much with their neighbors and upset grumpy, misanthropic Roger. Sarah and Jessica are really good at solving problems together. But can they figure out how to get across the city reliably?

Rhythm and Glue is the first sustainability themed entertainment-education project in the US. The show highlights the day-to-day realities of climate change facing residents of the United States – and presents and role models realistic solutions and behaviors that citizens can take to mitigate those effects, for themselves and their communities. It has profound implications for science and environmental communication and has measurable results. My collaborators include Population Media Center, the international leaders in developing entertainment-education, with academic evaluation. Population Media Center's highly successful Sabido methodology to pro-social drama creation will be adapted and applied for this project. This approach was used to create the hit show East Los High, as well as several dozen pro-social dramas in other countries. Population Media Center's approach consistently generates massive loyal audiences which become motivated to adopt the positive behaviors and attitudes modeled by characters in the shows. This set of tools that has proven successful to public health interventions will be applied to climate change mitigation.

One of the components of this project that sets Rhythm and Glue apart from other climate related content is interactivity with its audience, where audience input shapes the story conflicts and resolutions. Real-time audience participation facilitates a national conversation about how we can collaborate to mitigate climate change. As an entertainment product, the show provides a model for transitioning sustainable urban transportation internationally and a model for facilitating a national conversation with a variety of stakeholder perspectives.

Using a innovative narrative comedy approach, Rhythm and Glue motivates positive social change. Project advisors, Max Boykoff and Ed Maibach both recently advocated a narrative comedy approach to communicating climate change in a New York Times article. Comedy empowers communities into action and broadens participation for audiences who are not yet active participates in climate change mitigation.

Rhythm and Glue connects viewers with a network of non-profit organizations supporting the actionable behaviors that the audience can take locally to mitigate climate change. Content creation is advised by a team of subject experts. We are confident that a popular comedy-drama with these elements and approach can dramatically improve and increase climate change mitigation efforts internationally.

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Emily Coren, Executive Producer